PPEP Sponsored Mexicana Universal

Want to help a PPEP sponsored contestant for a chance at the Miss Universe Pageant? The Mexicana Universal Pageant is asking you to vote for your favorite! Voting ends August 31st...
Melody Murguia representing Los Estados Unidos (United States) to then represent Mexico in the Miss Universe Pageant migrated to Tucson in 2016. She is now working towards her degree in Pedagogy. She has worked hard to get into college and now wants to take her cause for the rights of children and youth, and the underprivileged as an ambassador of peace to the world stage of the Miss Universe Pageant.
Look for the Mexicana Universal app on your phone, download it and vote for Melody. Your first vote is FREE, after that there is a charge. *Make sure that your parents are ok with this before you do it!! We are not responsible for charges to your phone.*